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[02 Feb 2006|11:30am]

We all love kristin, that's why we're here, right!!!???

A new veronica mars challenge!
love_ic is an icon challenge featuring Logan & Veroinca.
If you have the graphic skills to enter and compete, i'd love to have you!
Even if you are not able to make graphics, we still want you!! We need members who vote too!

So please join love_ic

Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket
all i ask is that you credit me if using these icons:)

I've also posted a lot more VM icons/graphics at twylite___ for your enjoyment, but you must join to see them.
Thanks and happy VM!
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Veronica Mars UK Fans Needed [06 Nov 2005|04:33pm]

Veronica Mars Season 1 ended last Tuesday and we loved it!!
Unfortunately the channel which it aired on in the UK "Living TV"
aired it at an very uncompensated time - 6pm - Daily!! Which caused
many viewers to miss some episode - or to not catch the show at all
due to the bad time slot and poor advertisement of the show!
A community has been set up at http://www.biteme.tv/forum/index.php?
For UK Veronica Mars Fans to get together and talk about the show -
as well as putting ideas together to Champaign for More Veronica Mars
on TV!! - Season 1 repeat at a better time and for season 2, as Living
TV are still undecided about buying the rights to show season 2! - So
please contact Living TV at - enquiries@livingtv.co.uk and say how
much you love the show and that you want season 2! Please Help to
save this show on UK TV!!

- Jade
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[25 Oct 2005|04:53pm]

(If this is against the rules, feel free to delete - i'm sorry if it is, i didnt see anything about that on the info.)



All characters open except for Logan.


Hope to meet some new people interested in having a good time. =)
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Ficlet: Snicker Doodles (Keith) G [13 Aug 2005|02:10pm]

Title: Snicker Doodles
Author: sullyvann
Pairing/Character: Keith
Word Count: 234
Rating: G
Summary: Keith realizes he shouldn’t worry about Veronica so much.
Notes: My first foray into the adult minds of the Veronica Mars fandom. Set during 1x16, 'Betty and Veronica'

Keith worried about all the changes he saw in Veronica after Lilly’s death, especially after Lianne left.Collapse )
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Strapless Red Satin - Veronica&Lilly [04 Aug 2005|04:12pm]

Strapless Red Satin


Veronica, Lilly

Note: Takes place before the end of 1x04, 'The Wrath Of Con'. Thanks to inigo for use of her transcripts.

Summary: Veronica knows Lilly would approve of her choice in a Homecoming dress this year.

The world is ready for you, Veronica Mars!Collapse )
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'Carnival Toys' - Meg [04 Aug 2005|04:11pm]

Carnival Toys

Meg, Duncan/Veronica, Veronica/Logan


Meg deals with the aftereffects of Logan’s surprise party.

Note: My first 09er piece! Takes place after 1x21, 'A Trip To The Dentist'.

Meg grins wearily as she tucks herself into bed.Collapse )
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King Arthur's Court - herowlness [02 Jul 2005|07:28pm]

TITLE: King Arthur's Court
AUTHOR: herowlness
RATING: PG-13 (with a warning for language)
PAIRING/CHARACTERS: Duncan POV, Logan/Veronica
SPOILERS: Through 1x18 Weapons of Class Destruction
IN-BETWEEN FOR: after Duncan's confrontation with Veronica, through and after her kiss with Logan at the Camelot [includes Duncan 3rd party perspective of their kiss]
DISCLAIMER: Not mine, but many thanks to RT for creating these wonderfully complex characters.
NOTES: Now I Know is a companion piece, and explains Logan's motivations for a lot of the things that Duncan sees in this piece. A nice accompanying read, I'd think, but by no means necessary.
Many thanks to _europa and prettiness1 for beta help. :)

If Veronica – the girl who I dated for over a year, the girl who was almost as close to Lilly as I was, the girl who once loved me – thinks that I could kill my own sister, what chance do I have of escaping the doomed future I can see unfolding before me?

Losing Lilly - herowlness [02 Jul 2005|07:27pm]

TITLE: Losing Lilly
AUTHOR: herowlness
RATING: PG-13 (with a warning for strong language)
SUMMARY: Logan reflects on what was, is, and what might have been.
SPOILERS: post-1x15 Russkie Business
IN-BETWEEN FOR: after the scene in the Sunset Regent [possibly after the dance, but it isn't really mentioned/referenced]
DISCLAIMER: Not mine, and Rob Thomas is definitely smarter than me.

I still remember the first time I saw her.

Saying Sorry - outoffashion [02 Jul 2005|03:58pm]

Author: outoffashion
Title: Saying Sorry
Rating: PG
Word Count: 618
Pairing (if any): Veronica/Logan
What Episode and Scene your fic/ficlet takes place - 1x21 - After Veronica tells Wallace everything.
Author’s note: This is my first completed attempt into the VM fiction world. Comments are gladly welcomed. X-posted at veronicamarsfic
“Yet,Collapse )
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Welcome! [02 Jul 2005|03:17pm]


Welcome to In-Betweens: Veronica Mars Episode Filler LJ Community.

The whole purpose of this community is write scenes that should've made the episode, but never did, due to time issues or it just never being on script. Ever wonder what happened after Logan's breakdown in the hotel? Or how Veronica switched the drugs on Troy? Anything can be figured out.

1. All stories must be behind an LJ cut, or link if you posted it another community.
2. All pairings and ratings are welcomed.
3. Please post the author name and title in the subject line, and the following in your post behind the cut.
Word Count
Pairing (if any)
What Episode and Scene your fic/ficlet takes place

Any questions? Post here.
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