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King Arthur's Court - herowlness

TITLE: King Arthur's Court
AUTHOR: herowlness
RATING: PG-13 (with a warning for language)
PAIRING/CHARACTERS: Duncan POV, Logan/Veronica
SPOILERS: Through 1x18 Weapons of Class Destruction
IN-BETWEEN FOR: after Duncan's confrontation with Veronica, through and after her kiss with Logan at the Camelot [includes Duncan 3rd party perspective of their kiss]
DISCLAIMER: Not mine, but many thanks to RT for creating these wonderfully complex characters.
NOTES: Now I Know is a companion piece, and explains Logan's motivations for a lot of the things that Duncan sees in this piece. A nice accompanying read, I'd think, but by no means necessary.
Many thanks to _europa and prettiness1 for beta help. :)

If Veronica – the girl who I dated for over a year, the girl who was almost as close to Lilly as I was, the girl who once loved me – thinks that I could kill my own sister, what chance do I have of escaping the doomed future I can see unfolding before me?
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