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Strapless Red Satin - Veronica&Lilly

Strapless Red Satin


Veronica, Lilly

Note: Takes place before the end of 1x04, 'The Wrath Of Con'. Thanks to inigo for use of her transcripts.

Summary: Veronica knows Lilly would approve of her choice in a Homecoming dress this year.


Lilly sighed as she grabbed Veronica’s pale pink dress for Homecoming.

“Why do you insist on suppressing your hotness? The world is ready for you, Veronica Mars.”

As Veronica defended her choice of dress, Lilly pondered what kind of dress Veronica would really look great in.

“You are strapless red satin!” Lilly announced as she pulled a shirt from Veronica’s closet, thrust Veronica in front of the mirror and draped the shirt over her shoulder.


A little over a year later, Veronica stands in front of rows and rows of Homecoming dresses in one of Neptune Mall’s department stores.

Pink, black, blue, yellow. The colors remind Veronica of the time she and Lilly dared Duncan and Logan to go on the rollercoaster after eating lunch—and what came out when they got off the ride.

Veronica’s head was swimming as she made her way down the row in front of her. Homecoming was in a week. She was going with Troy. There was no Lilly to give her fashion advice anymore. Veronica sighed again as she fingered a few dresses as she made her way towards the end of the row.

Most girls would be elated to be shopping for a Homecoming dress, a dance that they were going to with their best friend, his date, and a very cute date of their own. But without Lilly, the memories of last year’s Homecoming were overwhelming almost any good feelings Veronica could have towards this inane rite of passage set by some twisted high schoolers back when her parents went to school.

As Veronica hit the end of row one and began making her way up the next row, she knew she had to pick something. Veronica closed her eyes for a second as her feet traveled further up the row. When Veronica let out what she hoped was a cleansing breath and open her eyes, she gasped.

In front of her was a strapless dark satin dress that she knew Lilly would approve of. As she lifted it off the rack and made her way towards the dressing room, she could almost hear Lilly next to her, talking to her.

“The world is ready for you, Veronica Mars.”
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