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Welcome to In-Betweens: Veronica Mars Episode Filler LJ Community.

The whole purpose of this community is write scenes that should've made the episode, but never did, due to time issues or it just never being on script. Ever wonder what happened after Logan's breakdown in the hotel? Or how Veronica switched the drugs on Troy? Anything can be figured out.

1. All stories must be behind an LJ cut, or link if you posted it another community.
2. All pairings and ratings are welcomed.
3. Please post the author name and title in the subject line, and the following in your post behind the cut.
Word Count
Pairing (if any)
What Episode and Scene your fic/ficlet takes place

Any questions? Post here.
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This should be interesting! A couple questions though, based largely on fics that I've already written, now that I'm trying to determine which will fit appropriately into this community.

1 - Do non-VM POV's count? We get VMVO's all the time, but are LEVO's or WFVO's considered to be "in betweens" ? [for example, a fic that tells the 1x18 kiss story from Logan's POV] Obviously something shown on air, but the show is still from V's POV. [probably doesn't qualify, but I thought I'd ask]

2 - Do fics that contain canonical scenes *as well* as missing scenes fit the community, categorically?

3 - Does the fic need to fit with canon? I.E. if it's a fic that takes place after 1x18, but wouldn't fit with the events that happen in 1x19, is it still appropriate?

That's all I have for the moment. Just curious is all. Thanks! =)
1. Yep. As much as Veronica Mars (the show) is shown through the eyes of Veronica Mars (the person), there's often scenes on the show that aren't in total Veronica POV, and I think that goes for here too.

2. I...uh.. don't get this question *sheepish*

3. It doesn't have to with canon on the show. That would be no fun.
1 - So, for example, a Logan POV of their kiss at the Camelot or whatever, shouldn't be posted here? [one fic that I've written that may or may not fit the community]

2 - For example, I have a fic that is a Logan POV [as are the majority of my VM pieces] of their opening confrontation at her apartment in 1x21. But it continues on, as if Logan hadn't just left after she closed the door, as if he'd gone inside the apartment to talk to her more. The latter bit clearly qualifies as an "in-between," but does the fact that it's not solely an "in-between fic" make it inappropriate for this community? [I hope that explains it better - poor wording on my part!]

3 - Sounds good! I don't have much that fits that specficiation yet, but I am working on a piece or two right now that might work a bit for that. =)
1. No, it can be posted here. I just realized my sentence was confusing, sorry about that, heh.

2. That's fine too.

Thanks for intrest in the community, and posting some of your fics on it too. :)
I can spell interest, I promise.
This is a neat idea for a community. I have a few ideas for fics that would fit here... if they'll ever see the light of day (or 3am for that matter) is less certain. But I'm going to keep an eye over here for now.